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Epic Day in Southern Cal !!!!


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Gdbytyler posted on the ride board that he was going to Summit today, I decided to join him. Boy oh Boy was I ever glad that I did. We arrived Summit at 8:00, suited up and hit the slopes by 8:30, it was such an awesome day I wanted to show you it.


While Erwin and I were laying down some sick carves on Miracle Mile, we kept saying to each other how great the snow condition was to carve on. Here is some evidience of that. TRENCHES!!!!


We met another carver up there that was riding on some vintage equipment, his name was Ray, not the Ray that rips on the Virus boards though. Three carvers in Southern Cal equals an SOCAL Expression Session!!!


Gdbytyler aka Patrice aka Erwin was rippin the Euro Carves today, I screwed up on the video footage though so there is no evidence of it. He was enjoying the Donek FCII 163, notice the grin on his face!!!


Just a great day on the mtn and wanted to share it with fellow carvers, enjoy.

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Warning, heresy about to be commited:

Snow Summit was better than Mammoth!

Yes, carving conditions at Snow Summit today were better than the 4 days I'd ridden at Mammoth this season.

Snow Summit had a very light crowd, grooming was very good and the snow was carvable and smooth all day long. Not enough people to bump up the snow :biggthump

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Man I’m so jealous. I can see that there is quality snow on the hill right now. After the 6” and snow making all week I knew it would be great. I hope it holds up for the weekend. I feel a little sick with envy…like my stomach actually hurts! The crowds will be out in force though……damn! :angryfire

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Happy Bithday Erwin!!!!!! Looks like you guys caught it good, and you didn't have to pay for a lift ticket----nice b-day present. I bumbed I missed it due to work constraints.

Love the pics Aaron, obviously you guys had a great time. Contact me about Mammoth this weekend ASAP. If I don't hear from you soon, I will try to call in the pm.

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