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Attn: Utah carvers/racers


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I just wanted to let you know that we will be having some USASA races in the area this year. The events will be on Jan. 25 at Park City Mt. Resort, and on Feb. 8 at Brighton. Both dates will have a two run G.S. in the morning and a two run slalom in the afternoon, as a added bonus the Park City G.S. will start at the same place that the Olympic PGS started. You can go the www.USASA.org for more info or contact me. Thanks, hope to see you there!

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Thanks for the link, I was looking under Event Schedules, just not getting the start times there.

Why not race? I got no $$$$. (well, maybe I could spare $25)

I haven't chased sticks in a race course for 7 or 8 years either, I don't think I would know what to do any more...

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Originally posted by mellowjonny

Are any of you Utah riders still planning on getting together for a carvefest in the first week of march. I'm there with three other alpine riders.

Let's get it all together.--Dave you working on it.

Hardbootin' brother,

I am planning on it and super stoked. I am glad they started talking about this early, not like last year.

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We'll have 2 - 4 carvers from up here in Frigidville, Utah (Logan) there in

March. We may not make all the days but, are looking forward to riding

PC and the Canyons again.

The only thing I dislike about the SLC ski areas is skiers/boarders using

cell phones while in motion. What the hell is up with that? Sometimes,

technology sucks. Shut up and ride!

Where's the best place to go for suds and food after a day on the hill?

Or, is everyone brown-bagging it?


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There is a good pizza place (it's called Davanza's)that is on Park Ave. less than a block from the town lift. You can ride down to it have some grub get a beer then get on the lift back to the main resort. Personally I get down to business on the hill then go home, I don't like to stop and start again.

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Yeah we got the race off. Over-all it went really well. We started the G.S. five minutes behind schedule and the Slalom went off right on time. The turn out was smaller than I hoped for but in line with what I expected. The fastest male and female both came from the Park City Snowboard Team, Abby would have place 3rd overall in the Slalom, had she registared as a guy.

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