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Foot freak needs help with buying boots


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Hey Guys,

I'm gonna take a chance on buying brand new boots for my first alpine setup. (I hope that's not too stupid. I can return exchange new ones if they don't fit, however, unlike used). My right foot (or big toe at least) is ~ 1/2 size bigger than my left. My current softboots fit quit snug yet comfortable and are size 7 and I had to have the R boot stretched after an increasingly painful first outing (now they fit fine). I heard that Burton hardboots run narrow, which is good b/c I have narrow feet. Klugriding.com's "conversion chart" is weird, however, with very few "whole sizes."

My current Mondo size (as measured)

25 Right foot

24.5 Left foot

Burton's sizing chart on klugriding.com:

24.5 = US men's 6 <---too small

25 = US men's 6.7 <--would probably be too small for R foot

but streching may be OK for L foot

25.5 = US men's 7.3 <----may be too small for L

Does anyone else agree Burton runs narrow or small? How much can hardboots be strechted? Does streching reduce stiffness? What size should I go with? Could I ask for 2 diff't boot sizes , lol? I'm leaning toward 25.5 and I can jsut "stuff" or something if the L is too big.

Please advise so I can get out there already. FYI entry-level boots are fine. I'll likely have Burton bindings.



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Guest Randy S.

Don't buy them from Klugriding. I bought some bindings from them over a month ago and I'm still trying to track down a person to handle a return. Multiple emails and none returned. Buy Raichles (Deeluxe) or Head from Bomber. You'll have no problems with returns.

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I am aware of the postings about Klugriding. In short, I got my board from them within a week. I did call the next day to make sure the order had gone through, which it had not, but I called a 3rd time to confirm it had gone through and it had. Ask to speak to Molly; even if you don't speak to her they will call you back. So my luck has been OK with them, but I will look at some other boots, too. Thx.

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I were Burton boots and they fit my feet great. The 24.5 and the 25.0 are actually the same boot shell, they use slightly more padding in the liner in the 24.5 to make it feel smaller.

I were a 7.5 street shoe and were a 25.5 Burton Fire. I'd go for the 25.0, you won't feel much if any differance (I didn't when I used a 26.0 a few times). They probably will fit small out of the box but beleive me that they will pack out and get bigger fast, usually about a 1/2+ size in about four days.

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