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Frappr Map update!! Check it out


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Your Frappr Worldwide Map of Hardbooters has reached the 200 member mark! Members cover the globe as far as Thailand, Hawaii, Australia, and Japan. We have a sizeable contingent from Finland and the Netherlands.


I wanted to update you on a few things. The site developers have been working hard to clean up the bugs but admittedly still have a ways to go. Here are a few things I wanted to let you know. Because of the volume we’ve achieved, the initial view only shows the first 100. Click on the button that says “Show all markers” to view all.


I’ve asked for a simple way to look up an e-mail for another member and they responded by creating mail links for some of the new members but it doesn’t apply to the earlier ones. See below:


There still doesn’t appear to be an easy way to edit your “shoutouts”. You can add more text but not edit previous entries. If you like, I can delete your entry entirely so you can recreate it. I created an information page where you can find links to other FAQs. That page will also take you to a nifty slideshow of all the photos you have submitted.

I want to thank all the other sites around the world who have created links to this useful tool – especially www.stoked.at

Oldsnowboards.com has created a Frappr Map too. Check it out!

That’s it for now. Please share any ideas you'd like me to pass on to the developers.

Hope to hook up with you on the slopes.

Happy carving

Pat Moore

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