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Burton Factory Prime on ebay


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I've seen alot of boards being sold for so cheap! like less than $10.00 on ebay. Why is that.

Why would you possibily sell a board for $0.95??

Just curious, cuause I dont know waht to think about these, like whether to trust them or anything

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it's an auction, youngster. doesnt mean it will sell for that. guarantee it wont, actually.

people wait until the very last seconds to place bids. personally I think its stupid...just pick a price you like, place the bid, and let the ebay system work for you. if you lose, maybe your price is too low. all this last second "sniping" is just lame.

anyway...also, a low starting price means more bidders usually. the item isnt "selling" for that amount...just a start

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subtle trickery. ebay has become a place where people are constantly, obsessively, almost neurotically looking for "bargains" the idea of which has become unreasonable in a lot of people's heads.

heck...look at some of the bids people place on ended auctions. youll see $5 bids on items that sell for $300...

there's something illogical in the way people have interpreted ebay...so a super low start bid just gets things goin!

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why in the world would you think that? another illogical deduction. the board isnt SELLING for that amount

youre crackin me up, kid. you want stuff CHEAP, but...too cheap and you get suspicious?

makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. people start with low bids so more people will bid. simple as that.

if youre worried about the legitimacy of a seller or the item, check their feedback. if they have a bunch of negatives saying they lied or misrepresented, dont buy from them. if they have a long list of positives, odds are its ok.

if youre STILL worried, ask them to use www.escrow.com

100% failsafe, that one.

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