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Knees touching?

Guest astan100

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Guest astan100

Hey guys,

I'm gearing up for my first run this season and had a few final questions.

Last season, I had like a 21 inch stance, and if I use that DaVinci magical number conversion, I should be closer to 19.5. So, I fixed that, but my knees still don't touch even with a little inward cant on both my bindings...(I think 1.5 front and 3 degees on the rear) I have Cateks in case you couldn't guess. The 21 was clearly too wide for me because the tops of my calves were KILLING after each run.

I'm runing 51 degrees in the front and 48 in the rear on an all mountain board (no overhang and I'm new...so I'd rather no go more).

Should my rear knee tuck into my front somehow? No matter how I flex and bend, it's not going to happen. Is that ok? I'm not looking to do any eurocarving yet and still need to get a feel for my plate bindings.

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The biggy on knees crammed into each other is the lack of "suspension." On less than perfect snow, you need to be able to move around on your board to compensate for the rough ride. Knees apart allows that. That pic of Adam in Jack's article shows his knees not touching, but the back knee is behind/inside as he's turning. If he hits a rough spot, he can move around as needed to maintain control. Knees together, good luck!

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