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Nordica TR12 AT boots for carving?


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I use TR 12s ( the black n red ones) for all my back country, they work great for that, I like the fact that in ski mode the forward flex is not locked out unlike the Lowas/scarpas/garmonts et al, gives a bit more of a " surfy" soft boot feel for powder.

I have TD 2s and just have never thought to try plugging the nordicas into them ( Burton race plates get used for B/C much less weight to cart around), will try when I get home and repost. I know my TD 1s needed a few tweaks with washers between bail block n banjo bolts on the toe bail to work with my old scarpa titans a few years back.


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Just gave the nordicas a shot in the TD2s , no go, to wide about three inches from toe at the where the vibram meets the plastic.

That means either dremeling the boot, or running spacers/washers under the bail arms.

This is the same prob I had with the TD1s.

Not sure if it makes a difference but my tr12s are the 27-27.5 shell size.

Hope that helps.


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