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Sierra cement?


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:angryfire PLENTY COLD...LITTLE MOISTURE :angryfire

:AR15firin High Pressure

My local hill has been blowin' snow like crazy - not enough yet :angryfire

Brighton is open...have to decide if that 20" base is enough to take the risk :eek:

Any SLC locals headin' up for any of the Thanksgiving weekend? I may try it next Monday.

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all of Breck, with the exception of some of the bowls, is opening tomorrow(peak 9's been open for a few weeks). good coverage, but afraid we are also suffering from that darn high pressure so no fresh in the near future. still great riding and coverage for november though. if you're really jonesin CO is a good option

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I'm just sitting here waiting and wailing, mostly wailing. I am not very good at waiting. We have also been having and inversion and the temps up top are warmer than they are down here in Reno, not conducive to snow making.


I'm feeling the pain. We need some snow really bad. I'm still wearing shorts every day and mountain biking, but I want to be riding my snowboard.

I tried to pray for snow and this was what I got. :eek:


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Yesterday we broke the temperature record for Calgary for Nov 22. It was 20.4 deg C. Calgary Olympic Park was blowing snow all last weekend, and now it's all melted.

However, the forecast for the weekend is 0 deg C and snowing on Sat, and -5 deg C and more snow on Sunday. Bring it on.

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