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OT: Any GPS users out there?


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Here's a GPS road-routing problem that's driving me NUTS! I really hope someone out there who uses a GPS somewhat regularly might have a solution.

I have a Garmin eTrex VistaC. I also have Garmin MapSource on the PC. MapSource allows you to create (road) routes, then upload them to the GPS device. Then the GPS is supposed to be able to navigate that route---but instead, it consistently ignores the route directions you specify on the computer, and "calculates" it's own whacky directions.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone else ever use their GPS for routing? Anyone have a solution? I've already sent email to Garmin and posted on other GPS forums---I'm just covering all the bases!



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Thanks for the info Bob! Good point about making sure all preferences match between MapSource and the GPS. I had pretty much come to the same conclusion---that to force the GPS to go where I want it to required adding more waypoints.

I actually called Garmin support about this today, and they said no, the GPS won't follow routes created with MapSource (but insists on calculating its own route). The guy did say that Garmin's "City Select North America" does allow you to specify a route and have the GPS follow it exactly...but that's sort of irritating, because I like topo contours when planning a route so I can get an idea of the topography!

About the "dragging the route" thing...I didn't know you could do that. I just tried it in my MapSource (version 6.8 with old map CDs) and it wouldn't let me do it. I chose the Route Tool, placed two points to create a simple route...then chose the Selection Tool (arrow) and tried dragging the route---no go. (Maybe something diff. in my software?)

I actually prefer using DeLorme Topo USA 5.0 for creating routes, since it's so much more detailed.

I'm still amazed that Garmin didn't implement such a simple thing as "Follow my route---EXACTLY!" Someone was out to lunch there!


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Okay, thanks Bob---I got it working now. (It was that select-a-second-time part I was missing!) And you made a very good point about the topo display on the GPS being too cluttered to read while riding---it is! I might break down and pick up City Select.


PS - Hilarious avatar---is that you? :)

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