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Moving to Philadelphia

Guest Chip

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I am relocating from CT tp Philly and want to continue to race in a night league and or weekends. Anyone got any ideas on where to go????

P.S. The answer "airplane to UTAH" dosn't help.....

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Guest Wolf F-1

Hi Chip,

I grew up just outside of Philly. About an hour north of Philly is Bear Creek, NASTAR on some nights, it used to be Wednesdays when I instructed there, I think they still do it. Also, I believe Camelback has a couple of USASA events this year, again, just under an hour North of you, depending on which part of the city you're in.


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If you are willing to drive a little bit I am a coach at Ski Roundtop for our Alpine Snowboard Race Team. Ski Roundtop is approx 1.5 hours from Philly. We practice on Monday and Wednesday nights and usually on weekends if we are not attending a race. Feel Free to give me a call my number is 717-979-3765.

Sam Bashore

SRRC Coach

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Thanks for the reply's I'm very interested in the offers and will be contacting all those who have sent me E-mail etc.... My problem is that my team mate from CT moved to VT and I moved to PA.. something tells me he will get a little move mountain time than me...... Thank god I have the talent to over come this geographical issue!!!!!;)

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