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05 vs. 06 Malamutes

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No that doesn't make sense. Oh, you mean the tongue is pushed down to near the bottom of the straps?

I got a large pair of Flow Pro C FR and with my size 10.5 Airwalks (bulky), I've got plenty of room at the toe edge of the binding frame and plenty of room for the tongue. The M/Ls are cheaper on eBay so I figure my next pair will be that size. Unless I end up with some huge boots like K2 T1 or Vans Fargo. Mondo 27 (US 9) is right between the M/L and Large Flow Pro frames on their size chart.

(Did you know nobody discounts the 06 Malamutes? Dayuuuuum.)

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Guest KillingtonVT

The biggest noticable diff is the new centerlock lace system.. there are a few upgrades to the liner as well... more custom fit foam, better heel pocket and they are a tad easier to get in.

If you are looking for a deal on the '05 I might still have your size.. the '06.. they are $299.


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