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advice using soft springs Raichle AF 700


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Hello, guys, just need some advice about springs/AF700

I just modified my AF 700. I have made some new threads to the Raichle Accelerator Box. So I can stand up a little more, just more easy going for a nearly fourty year old to carve now. Is it advisible to put some other springs in the RAB too?? Like to hear from any one who has some experiences with changing springs (softer, longer models) on the Raichle AF 700. I now have the original silver/gold ones. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Greets, Hans.


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I have just modified the screw/pin of the RAB mechanism, added some threads with a die, (you call it so I believe), size M8, so I can stand upright more. Was easy, only take the highest pin out, and you can take out the whole RAB.

Just like the image above. Front and backsettings the same, use them with brand new TD2's stepins (got them last week from allboardsports), soft yellow bumpers and my SWOARD 168 Hard. Monday I am gonna try the new settings.

For more information about modifying your Raichle or Deeluxe look also at http://www.extremecarving.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=95&highlight=af700

Your settings also depends on what board you are gonna be on.

If you are on a raceboard the forward lean will be more than on a extremecarvingboard like the SWOARD is.

Greets, Hans.

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