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Reposition buckle on UPZ boots?


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Hey everyone, 

I'm trying to reposition the top buckles on my UPZ XC12 boots to another set of holes because the buckles are too tight. It looks like the buckle screw is screwed into a T-nut, which would need to be removed. I've tried to pry it off but it ain't budging. I don't want to damage the T-nut to remove it since I don't currently have a replacement.

Does anyone know how it might be possible to remove the T-nut in a non-destructive way so that I can reuse it in another hole? 



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Well that didn't take long. After carefully prying the corners of the T nut I was finally able to get it dislodged. Once one corner started to come out, the rest came rather easily.

For anyone else attempting this one trick is that because of how the cuff is curved, it's difficult to get a tool under the corner of the T nut to pry it. After carefully deforming the cuff so that it's less curved, it was easier. 

Also, after further review, I now realize it would have been easier to relocate the clasp on the other side of the cuff rather than the buckle, due to the shape of the cuff. The nuts on the other side are easier to get at, if that's an option for you. 

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