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Utah Next Week!


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@CB Utah mentioned his new favorite is a run at Park City these days.  I enjoyed Brighton when I was there last March (until I popped my ankle in the hardboot).  Had a pass from work to ride at Sundance so took advantage of that as well.  I liked Brighton better (was puking snow that day).  

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I just saw this, sorry.  Was at Brighton on Thursday day and into the evening to ride with some cool dudes.  Not going today to PC this morning due to glare ice that formed on our neighborhood roads, driveways and sidewalks.  Got lots of fluffy powder last night though!

Parley’s, Assessment, Silver Queen are all nice on the PC mountain side.  Start at the Crescent lift and work your way up.  There’s  many others but I just started riding that side so I’m learning my way around.  I typically rode the Canyons side.  Echo is a fun run but earlier in the year, because of sunrise being later, and it being shielded by the surrounding terrain, it is DARK over there for first tracks. It’s better now.  Lots of fun to be had off the Orange Bubble Express and by using that, you bypass the awkwardness of people scratching your board when they do weird things like take their skis into the gondola.  

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