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New England Ikon Road Trip


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I'm planning a New England Ikon working road trip next week. Riding in the mornings & working in the afternoon/evening. Last season was my first back on snow after a decade off, so I haven't been anywhere in New England other than Wachusett in ages. Would love suggestions for the best mountains and/or trails for carving (from among the Ikon group: Stratton, Killington, Sugarbush, Loon, Sunday River, Sugarloaf). Or, better yet would love to meet up with other carvers to ride. My schedule is flexible, so I can work my days around when others are available.

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I would skip Stratton, the carving season is done here. 5o plus the last two days, pouring rain now. Looking out the window its looking thin. Cold tomorrow then in the high 40's low 50's all next week. Cant say for sure but I am guessing Sugarbush is in the same state. Pretty sure the warm rainy weather will go all the way to Sugarloaf. Thinking you are two weeks to late for this trip. Bring softboots and enjoy the slush.

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1 hour ago, AlexJ said:

I would skip Stratton, the carving season is done here.

Bummer about Stratton. Sounds like the rain held off for the most part further north though. Haven't gotten enough use out of my pass this year, so I'm just going to go and hope for the best. 

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