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ISO Flux XV 2020 (M) left highback

Chris B

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Unfortunately at the end of last season I found out that the left highback on my FLUX XV's is broken. I tried contacting US distributor and have been informed that the new one will be shipped..

Well that was in May.. I tried reaching out to them several times but there's no response.

I tried going through FLUX spare parts, but this part is out of stock. Wrote to FLUX Japan, but again.. NADA.

To be honest I pretty much gave up hope to fix this but decided to give it one last try here.


Does any of you have the part that I'm looking for and is willing to sell?


Is there anyone here that has a good contact with FLUX or its distributor and is willing to help? 


All help will be highly appreciated,


20230502_094652 (2).jpg

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Hi @Chris B. sorry to hear about your issue and i think there are many of us that feel your frustration with having binding issues. hope you have back up set(s). i have heard customer service, parts, etc. can be hit or miss with Flux in the US, nevermind Poland if that's where you're located. shipping may be more than the part, but this is the world we live in. specific binding parts can be tricky with almost any manufacturer, while i'm sure there are some exceptions. took almost a month for me and many communications to get a highback replaced from another manufacturer a couple years ago in the middle of the season. this type of damage can happen to carbon, especially in very cold temps and most definitely with much fatigue over the years. is the 2020 highback/baseplate the same design/mold/etc. as the current version? Might just have to wait until they're back in stock if the part is available for purchase on it's own. i just got a pair of xv at the end of last season to try out and will hope for the best that nothing happens to them. sorry i have no direct contact, lead, etc. to share.


rivet probably not ideal with carbon, get another binding or try to keep holding onto your patience and keep contacting (Flux, shops, etc.). fingers crossed. best of luck.

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