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Saying Thanks! This is way too much Fun!

Shred Gruumer

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I am having my translator right this so you better stand under me now!

I haven't had so much fun than this site! I owe a lot to this site, every fricken minute there is always something that make me **** my pant! "Women don't Poop!"-good one Jack, still laughing.

Jeffnsteffanie,Avatar! rocks, so do many others I can't help it, this site is so addictive! I haven't gotten any work done since this new site went into action! Im surprised I still have a job. Wait till big brother finds out!

This being Hannuka and all I just wanted to give thanks to this site, it gives me hope, especially when I see some of the dummest(what ever) **** ever posted in my life! But thats what make it great.

The Commie Roderey! is awesome too. Will the Real CF stand up!

Dang over the years this site has provided me with some of the best entertainment known to man!

Thanks All, I just can't stop laughing at this stuff!

And its just getting started,

"Dam you all to hell" in my best Charelton Heston - planet of the apes Voice!

Don't Stop!

Thanks to all and thank you Fin!

Right said Shred!


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Guest UofM.retard

Yea, dude man you rock like Reo Speed Wagon, Man to cool, I would man really like too rock with ya at Nubs Nob up here if ya get a chance you should cause , man it is steep! My rebuilt race Rupp Snowmobile can hardly make it up, Dang thats steep!

Plus it has over 5oo feet of like hight verticle so it take a long time to get down. the advanced green runs are really long I usually have ta take a rest like three times dude.

Man you rock!

Rush! Workin Man ! Rock man Rock!

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Guest Todd Stewart

I hate...

- girls who wear tons on make-up to the hill

- posers who spend more time learning slang then they do riding

- green hills that snake through the entire hill intersecting black diamonds

- Intructors who take thier students on way to hard hills for students ability level

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Guest jeffnstefanie

Thanks Shred and I am still very frightened by your avatar, It is hard to come up with anything as funny as Link n Turns I love that picture.

The level of humor has not hit the high water mark of the old board with the "ULTRA SUPER CUSTOM BURTON" but it is getting close. The tweezers to Vicegrip comparison was great. I read this board more than I watch TV. I cant wait to see what comes up next.

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Ja, dats vhat I was posting, vare is dis burton super dooper board now. he should be world cup leader! me sinky not so gute now! das Burton, is das boat!

Very gute stuff. techniqcal but too much , is how you say

Super fine!

merry f^$@ channuka!

Right said Shred,

Drink some Great lakes Christmas Ale from Cleveland!

AKA Evil Ale!

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