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Good day,

I've recently gotten hold of a great new board and some plate bindings... However, I have no idea what models they are, and wish to identify them.

My snowboard is an Oxygen freecarve / race board, with a label saying FR47. My bindings only say Emery... And so far, I haven't found the model of either. It doesn't help that Oxygen's site hasn't been updated in three years, or that Emery seem to be an obscure sub-company of something larger. I was wondering whether anyone knew about this, and could help me.

Either way, the board rides very well so far, and is a pleasure to ride. The bindings I haven't been able to try, due to lack of hard boots in my area ( Moscow ).

Thanks for any help you can provide,


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Is each binding a single plate or two? Does it use a modern 4x4 pattern or do you drill the board?

Caution if it is drilled, they have a tendency to "pull" with heavy or stronger riders?

Emery was really big here in mid 90s (as big as plates ever got that is) I have several vintage examples.

Enjoy the ride and welcome to BOL and carving. Bryan

Moscow? Russia or Idaho??

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Derf, thanks for your reply. The snowboard seems to have the same specifications as on your website, but I'm pretty sure mine must have heightened stiffness, as it was recommended for my weight and height ( 65kg, 1m72 or there about ).

Thanks for the information though, it doesn't seem I've purchased a bad board for the very low price. It's far from top of the range, but from the little I've ridden it, I'm very happy :)

Encore merci, Derf.

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Skatha, an exchange program could be great. However, there's not much riding around here, you'll have to go quite far for a semi-decent ride. Bulgaria would have more for you !

Otherwise, I've been riding in the French Alps a lot ( I'm French, and have all my family in France ). It's the most incredible place to ride.

I'm soon moving to England for university, meaning my riding will come to a stop until I can get out of the country - England celebrates when they see a few centimetres of snow :)

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