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Good deal on SaC today - Salamon F22 for $99


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Sounds like a good buy. Anyone know if they run narrow?

Moldable but not removeable. Meaning that they just sort of mold to your foot , not quite a conformable?

If REI has them that would be cool. I could try them on.

I am looking for a stiff soft boot that is very narrow, conformable and low volume. "For the next time I have to ride soft boots"

The Burton "Comps" are finally coming apart after only 3,545 days!! Just don't build em like they used to!

Now, how do I make these really cool boots look like SORRELS!!

Thanks for the tip. Bryan

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I just bought a pair of F24's and I would have to say yes, they fit a narrow fit quite well. I'm not familiar with the 22s but the 24s are just a tad less stiff than the Malamutes and are very low profile. I have narrow feet and I think they fit me very well. They were highly recommended by Vinn Q at Out Of Bounds at Killington. I'm combining them with the Salomon spx7 bindings and a Prior Khyber. I'll be using it for trees, bumps and powder. Sad to say that due to an address snafu the Khyber arrived a week too late and now I have to wait until next year to try it out! I hate it when that happens!:(

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I wear a size US 11 and he sold me a mondo 29. My toe was just touching the end but like hard boots, once you tighten them up and flex forward they were perfect. You should take them somewhere and have them heat molded, although I hear you can do it with a hair dryer. The thing I most like about them is how low profile they are. They take up less space than my hard boots. They're also extremely comfy when walking around. When riding I believe my hard boots are actually more comfortable but that's because I feel the need to crank the soft bindings really tight for support. Perhaps that will change with time.

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