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Oxess 178 & Oxess 185 - $OLD


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I have for sale Oxess 178 and 185. Below are the info:

Oxess 178

- Model RG178 / 15m variable SCR / 49cm stance from center to center (but it can vary depending on where you place your binding) / p-Tex top sheet (thicker top from inserts) / 19.8cm waist

- condition is great, I only ridden it 5 full days, presence of cosmetic scratches and light base scratches that does not affect ride , edges are never tuned, base are never grinded.

- stiffness is made for 180-190lbs but it can be ridden by anybody as I am 150lbs and I love how it rides. 

- reason for selling: I love the board and 15m variable scr is one of the best for carving (not too tight and not too long where you need speed to turn it) but I have another favorite board Virus Phantom so I am selling this.

Price: $OLD


Oxess 185

- Model RG185 / 19m radius / 50cm from center to center of inserts / p-Tex top (thicker top from inserts) / 20cm waist / allflex inserts 

- Condition is good, this is not brand new board so it has moderate cosmetic scratches on the top sheet, base has been grinder and has good structure to it. Edge has little over 50% of edge life left. 

- stiffness is “I am not sure”. It is not as stiff as my RG178 as it has been this has been ridden a lot longer than various riders. I, 150lbs, can ride it fine and someone even said “man, you turn it like slalom board” and I had 190lbs person ride it and had fun with it. I believe it is made slightly softer than usual RG185 as it has allflex ready inserts.

- reason for selling: I have too many boards now and I only ride couple times a year so it needs new home.

Price: $OLD


If it does not sell then I will wait until next year to sell. please let me know if you have question.

(Virus and dog not included 😆)




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