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Flow NX2-GT Fusion Bindings (XL), Light Use - SOLD


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For you consideration, a pair of lightly used (<10 days) Flow NX2-GT fusion bindings. I believe they are from the 2016-17 season, but I could be mistaken (the haze of Covid has bent my conception of time). Regardless, they are the exact same damn NX2-GTs you can buy brand new for over 2X as much. Without, of course, the use.

Your enemies will quake at the mere sight of the militaristic matte grey finish, like you might find on an Abrams tank. 


The ice blue accents give them an air of superiority, like they are looking down their nose at other, more toy-like bindings.


This angle shows off the nearly unnoticeable wear under the hybrid strap. No worn spots or shearing. The soft, quilted straps are reminiscent of the interior of your father's Chevy Citation the day he drove it home off the lot.


So fearsome from the profile view. You should probably keep them on a leash when you're not obliterating your adversaries with them. Seriously, if Sauron snowboarded, he'd use these. You can see a slight wear mark from when I was attacked by some mountain trolls. 


If you were foolish enough to catch the highback on the underside of a chairlift - unlike me, who would never do something so stupid - the NX2-GTs would simply laugh and ask for more. 


You'd probably pay $500 for the hormone injection that would have the same effect on your self-concept, but would wear off and leave you with nothing. Comparatively, this is a bargain.

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