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Another setup thread


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At least, I think it's setup. I get so few days on snow now that this may just be rust, and it may have to do with riding basically ice so far, but this year I'm finding that in order to finish the turn strong and make a really semicircular track, I need to be way on my back foot 3/4 of the way through the turn - this applies both front and heelside. I'm almost pulling UP with my front foot to keep the edge engaged and flexed and grinding. I commit to the edge really early (across the hill or even headed uphill slightly) and get a lovely smooth, tight line all the way past the fall line, but then it really wants to straighten out unless I bully it. Makes it hard to control speed on steep pitches.

I'm on a Proteus 180 which normally makes a really circular arc, so I'm blaming some of the many setup changes I made this year (I know, I know...). I'm on the Lite BBP and I have it set up with the slide in the back because it just felt too wobbly last year the other way around. 57/57 with toe lift on the front, flat on the back, slight inward cant on both. It feels perfect riding flat, and actually better at really high speed than any board I've ever been on, so don't suggest outward canting. 425 Deeluxe (GREAT boot!) are also new but they're pretty similar to my old AF600 so I don't think it's them.

Anything else though? Move the mounts back somewhat? Switch that plate around again?

May all be silly since my job takes me back down to Florida in a few days, but your thoughts will give me something to daydream about on the drive...

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2 hours ago, Mr.E said:

Are you breaking at the waist? Sounds like you are levering your weight away from the edge.

Could be - my outside hand is generally right down by the heel of my front boot unless I'm fooling around with Euro-style.

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