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Windham, NY

Guest Jacek Sawicki

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I live in NJ and usually make two trips up to Windham, Hunter (1600 ft) or Bellayre (1400 ft). I like Windham the best. It has about a 1500 ft vertical. The left most peak has some really good diamond carving runs. I usually spend all day on that peak on a total of three runs. There is one newer run that raps around that peak but is to flat for my taste. The main peak has one rap around cruiser and some steep runs, some of which are bump runs. I like this mountain because it usually has less people than Hunter mtn., it has good grooming and overall a good variation in terrain.

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I'll be there with another carver on 12/18. If anyone else wants to meet, send me an e-mail and I'll give you cell/frs #'s.

I like the grooming and trail layout, as well as the laid-back atmosphere that's a bit mellower than Hunter.

That said, everyone in the NY area on this site should check out the Hunter Mtn Speed Weekend. It's a fun race with a speed trap at the bottom of the run to give your mph. It's cool to get a feel for how fast you're really going. and how tough it is to NOT turn. It's open to skis, boards, mtn bikes, sleds, shovels and anything else you want to ride down the hill (a slight pitch NASTAR hill with a nice starting mound), and a great festive atmosphere. It's going to be done on 1/24-25/04. The 70mph barrier has yet to be broken on a board at this race.

Think Snow!


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