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2 near mint kesslers - $OLD


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Selling 2 kesslers. 
180 alpine, stock. 4 years old, only used 20 times +/-. Only base ground once, professionally maintained and stored each summer. 
$700+ shipping. A 8/9 IMO. Could use a base grind again, just cause of the time in between the last one, two years ago. Only imperfection are the bumper marks from the gecko . THE 180 is sold, thanks for the inquiries

168 cross, stock. 1 year old, only used 5 times +/- . And those 5 days were less then 4 hours. Still on the factory base grind, only thing I touched was the side edges, twice. A 10 IMO , shred ready, no base grind needed. 
$800 + shipping. The 168 is sold, thanks for the inquiries. 

reason for selling these, I want a custom 180 just wider then the stock shape. On the cross I want the 163, the 168 was perfect in Colorado, but a little big for the NH granite and tighter trails. 
let me know. 







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