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Vintage Virus Cyborg 180


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This is a board probably from early 2000.

There are damages.  Old Virus boards used rubber material between top and bottom sheets at the end of nose and tail.  Rubber dried out over time and turned into wax.  It beginning to crack and fall off from the board.  I purchased from the original owner who used it for 2-3 seasons and switched back to ski thinking that it is restorable.  Unfortunately, it is not repairable according to Frank who built the boards.  He tried to fixed the boards with similar issue.  But he said, it delaminated after few runs.  So, he stop repairing boards with similar symptom, and I did not bother to restore the boards.  But it is a beautiful board with pristine condition.  I am willing to give it to a person who collect vintage boards or someone who has skills and experience of restoring snow boards and give life to this board and ride it.  It will be my joy to see a video of someone riding this board.

Donation + shipping from Southern CA


Black board on the left.

Virus Cyborg 180

Lenth: 71 inches 180cm

Nose Width:  7.75 inches

Waist Width:  5.5 inches

Tail Width:  7.5 inches

Camber:  2 inches








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