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I have been kicking around around the idea of a split board for a while now, so when I saw a tent set up at the base with a split stuck in the snow out front, I wandered over for a quick look. Turned out it was a small Salt Lake company, Cardiff Snowcraft running demos. They were not too keen to mount up the TD3s, so once the groom was thrashed I fetched my softies and went back for a chat and ride. 

Bjorn started by filling me in on their split construction: multiple woods in core, titanal layer, full carbon layup + stringers, 5 angle sidecut and camber. Now I am interested. 

Bonus for my sasquatchness was the width - their 166 Goat was 28.1 at the front inserts and 27.5 at the rear. 11.5m vsr.

He went on to say that although they do split and solids, their philosophy is that boards are first designed and tested as splits, then the solids are tuned to a more resort style application. 

Finish is top notch and the topsheets graphics are classy - choice of solid gloss or no-nonsense textured which is opaque and shows the core detail. In particular, the surf shaped Swell is beautiful and could hang on my wall any day.

I rode the Goat split and carbon solid back-to-back and I could not tell the difference. Except for the noise - the carbon split is loud! It is also insanely light - felt like a toothpick under foot. Almost scarey.... 

Flex was a little soft for my 190 on groomers, but welcome in the bumps. Lively feel. I ran a few decent turns into it on the afternoon 'groomtatoes' without drama.

Don't ask me about the split aspects, I wouldn't know one end of a skin from another (yet). Phantom joining hardware. Perhaps more experienced splitters could help fill in this part.

Anyway, if you are in the market for a split maybe give these guys a thought & support local. From little things, big things grow.

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