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FUD? Question on Kessler 168 All flex pattern for Apex X Plate


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Heard that Kessler is phasing out UPM patterns in favor of AllFlex pattern for the stock spec.

according to Apex: From 2016

"The X Plate is available in UPM or 4x4 versions. We think the movement to push inserts out towards the tail and nose (to accommodate the All Flex) is risky. There is very little core material in those areas and we have seen many broken snowboards as a result. Thus, we are sticking with the tried and true."

Are there any concerns of running Kessler 168 with Apex X Plate using All Flex pattern?
Does Kessler reinforced their board?
Seems to recall reading it that there are always racer break board + plate every year.

FWIW: I do tons of stupid things on snowboard....

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