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Burlington, VT


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Hey Gang,

Help me out, if you would please.

There is a potential move in my near future. From the non-ski capital of Connecticut to Burlington, VT. Do any of you guys live in the area? Have any recommendations regarding the best riding and racing in the area?

How about the best spots to live in the Burlington area? Better to live on Lake Champlain and commute to the hills, or better to live closer to the moutains and commute into Burlington to work?

Any thoughts/opinions would help.

Thanks in advance,


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Stowe isn't very far from there, and has some really great carving terrain, and some of the best trees in the east. It's also Burton's home mountain, and it is really great to go there during their annual company outing because you'll get to see a mountain that is loaded with great riders (in addition to all of their team riders).

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I grew up in Burlsville and it's a happening town. (Almost too happening for my tastes!)There are great bars and the music scene rocks because there are 5 colleges based there. Living downtown is fun if you're at that stage in life, but the traffic is usually a pain in the ass if you're in a hurry. Find your job first if possible and live nearby.

Stowe is about an hour drive away and an awesome mountain. Jay Peak is two hours north but worth the drive. Sugarbush and Smuggler's Notch are local favorites (Stowe is kind of touristy). I think Bolton Valley is still open and they have night riding, only a 40 minute drive.

I don't recommend Mad River Glen because they don't want your money unless you ski.

I love Vermonsters! (weather can suck for long periods of time, tho)

Green Mountain Bitch

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Thanks a bunch for the info.

Any towns nearby that you would recommend?

I was thinking of the Bolton area. Would that be to far from Burlington? That would offer night skiing at Bolton, short commute to Sugarbush and Stowe. Most of the USASA racing seems to be focused around Stowe, so that caught my attention.

A little concerned that the commute into Burlington might be too long from anywhere further West.

Thanks again,


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Guest Tom H.

Burlington is a great place to live. I moved here from Boston about 2 years ago. The job came along first so it was an easy transfer.

I was faced with the same decision: Live in the mts and commute into btown everyday and to the lake in the summer OR live in town, have the lake at my back door and commute 1 hour in either direction for great ski resorts. I chose the later... actually my wife helped influence the decision. I only regret it on days I ride (about 2-3/week), and when I start regreting... I just remember all the crazy weekend commutes to Killington from Boston... fun times but life is much better now.

I'm hoping to move closer to the mountains in about 3 more years. Bolton or Richmond would be ideal.

I mostly ride at Sugarbush, they are a client of mine so the price is right. They also have great terrain, fast lifts, and very few people. I try to get to each of the other resorts at least once during the season (Stowe, Smuggs, Jay). I've been to Bolton Valley a few times... with so much else around it, it doesn't make sense to me to go there.

The nightlife here is great. I don't get to see that much of it with a family at home... but what I do get to see... it's fun!

I say... go for it! Burlington is a great place to be!

Tom H.

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Hey, if you need a guide around Sugarbush, I'm glad to help. I've been riding here my whole adult (?) life. Email me - info at cloudtenweb.com. USASA races are held here once in a while, but I sure could use some snowboard competition at our Tuesday "ski bum" races...I'm the only rider. Cool gatherings in local bars/grills after the race too. I'm one of the youngest in the group at 43 so it's a little subdued but there are good skiers here - just try to catch up to Doug Lewis on a snowboard!

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