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F2 Carve RS review

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F2's CarveRS are an all plastic lightweight binding.

Free carve front lever binding for beginners and advanced riders. Nearly indestructible, very comfortable and forgiving due to soft side flex. 
More flexible base plate for maximum comfort | extremely sturdy due to extra thick 5.9 mm stainless steel bails | variable canting and heel lift .

Source- https://www.f2.com/snow/bindings.php?L=1pppp&da=1675&dk=47&db=11&name=CARVE RS

I've got an album of photos of my bindings here- https://photos.app.goo.gl/fLnyairSTg7Eoqtw9

There's no difference in the CarveRS and the Race titanium outside of the baseplate and disc so I'm just going to talk about those pieces expecting that everyone is already familar with the classic F2 plate binding.  The differences are in the baseplate materials, the limitations of 3* angle increments of the disc, and the T-nuts.  Something to remember that I'm a very large guy and in the past these were marketed towards smaller riders.

  • The T-nuts are made of some low quality metal and deform under load. The picture in the album is after I bent them back with my hands.
  • The baseplate flexes in all directions
  • They're very light
  • I will continue to use them in powder (I'm planning on some safety mods though!)

The bindings in the photos were used ~9 trips to Paoli Peaks in slushy conditions and 1 trip to Spirit Mt. in soft conditions.  





I like the CarveRS flex and lightness in soft conditions.  I would not trust these bindings in hard conditions under a larger weight individual. 

It is a shame as a little bit of engineering work would make these bindings MUCH stronger than they already are...



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nearly indestructable my ass...
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