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Flow bindings Release on web/strapping rivets break,binding releases


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Yep all Flow users the Rivets on the webbing  give way, if they are loose , remove the black washer with pliers and get some T-bolts,and spring washers 1 under clip or ratchet and 1under T bolt . I have had 2  rivets go me virtually with in a season , both in not critical moments ; but I had one yesterday , one binding went (total release ) at the rivet and caused the other binding to go (total release) was on very steep slope lucky the snow was very soft I stopped myself and grabbed the board b4 it shot off down the hill , the rivets are dodgy as F#@#, after lots of serious carving and pressure through the bindings I have 2 pairs of Fuse bindings I ride them on different boards each are just over a year of use .be careful ,easy to do some serious damage ,if in doubt replace ASAP  I love Flow , as they are true freeride trenching ,comfortable control and torque mechanisms , but they should address this problem b4 people get seriously hurt !!!!! If I was in a no fall zone things could of been catastrophic !!! All riders check your gear if it does not feel right fix it !!!

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