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I am getting some calls from people in a panic about broken parts, heels, and such.  Last Friday a gentleman called me from A Basin (I was at Mary Jane)in a panic to get a fintec heel part.  Today, a similar situation.  I am happy to do what I can to help out here.  I have just put 3 Fintec heels in my car for Fridays trip to A-Basin.  I will also put a few boot parts in my car.  Keep in mind I only have boot parts inventory, no Bomber binding or fintec parts.  I'll see if I can throw in an old bomber binding or two just in case though.


I will be at A-basin on Fridays generally.  If there are parts you need, let me know and I'll do what I can for you.  I drive my white Chevy Volt with the DONEK1 license plate and generally park in the front row.  If I am riding with my son, he will take priority and you may be on your own when installing things, so bring your own tools please or get friendly with the guys in the Base N Edge.  I can only accept cash if you buy something from me at A Basin.

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From across the pond, on the old continent, what Sean is doing for the carving community is really awesome....even just for some small parts.

It's alredy hard to sometimes get some help from the "pro" shops in the resorts we're used to ride, so.......

That's quite a good service for the costumers a true dedication to our sport.  Hats off Sean !



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