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Oxygen hardboots 25.5mp


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I would like to offer these up for donation to the website. Shipping in lower 48 should be about $20. Anything above that will go to support this website. If anyone is familiar with these boots, feel free to comment.They look like nice boots, but they're way too small for me so don't know what they're like. 

I'm thinking...buy it now at $50 (shipped)...or make an offer.

My wife used them a bit and I've lent them out to folks.  Size marked on both shell and liner is 25.5 and they measure 26cm from heel to toe on the inside of the lace-up liner. There is a screw on the  outside of the heel of the shell  that adjusts the boot ramp (heel lift) on the inside. Three  micro-adjustable buckles plus velcro cuff strap. Ride/walk locking mechanism with forward lean adjustment.

There is one issue with them---while in storage there was some kind of rubbery plastic bushing in the ankle/cant joint left a gooey mess as it slowly dissolved or melted. Should be easy to fabricate some kind of replacement, I tried making a replacement "washer" made from a scrap of old car tire. Seems like it might work--see photos.





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