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PSA - St1 and ST2's for sale (Deeluxe Ski/snowboard boots)


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Hey folks -

not sure if this is allowed here, but i just wanted to pass this forward to you guys.  (Moderators - do what you must)


I know a bunch of you like the idea of a snowboard boot that you has DIN heel and toe blocks for skiing.  I bought the FirstDegree ST1's a few years ago, and I liked them enough to look for the stiffer ST2's - as well as recommend to a friend that he buy the ST1's as he aspires to ski and hardboot snowboard at some point also.

If you didn't know the boot is exactly a Deeluxe mould with the different fixed DIN blocks. So it does get the ankle flex, and it comes with the 5 position lean mechanism as well that you can ride adjust to flex  in walk/freeride mode (whether or not that's a good idea - i know that's debated here).

In any case, its a great compromise, albeit, imperfect.  As snowboarding boots, I think the boots are a little stiffer (since they are purposely manufactured to be ski boots); you can't put in an intec heel.  And the DIN toe and heel blocks have required me to tighten the bails a little more to remove play with the heel receiver.   As a ski boot, I have read complaints about a short sole length manipulating long ski - although the short sole length is great for the snowboard (shorter than my T700 of comparable size!).  AND - if you want to use it exclusively as a snowboard boot, you can BTS them (they do get super stiff in cold weather) 

The guy we bought from seems like a good guy - we receive the boots tomorrow.  Easy transaction through paypal with an invoice, and he agreed to ship. 

I have nothing to gain from this as its not my sale (the seller is in Denver - I live in Toronto Area, Canada).  But, again I thought I would suggest to you all because I personally like using the boots in the dual application.  Moreover - I don't think the boots are being made anymore, so you might want to buy from this guy.  LAST PLUS - being that they are essentially Deeluxe boots, replacement parts are easy to get, even if the boots are not being made anymore.

(take my opinions for what they are, I am not a good carver  :)  )


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