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Volkl Renntiger 158


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Too many skis and boards and not enough days on the slopes. Bought this board at the end of last season, then bought another board at the beginning of this season which I've ridden a lot more. Has a total of about 8 days on snow (I put on about 6 hours). Will send the board with fresh wax.

Asking $100 + shipping

Model Year: 2001

Length: 158 cm

Waist: 190 mm

Radius: 8.85 m

Board's condition has not changed since it's original sale. Text from original 2007 add below:

There is a slight blemish on the sidewall

The board is in very good condition. It has no major scuff marks on the topsheet. I rode it maybe 5 days. I prefer GS boards.

There is a very shallow gouge on the base, but I don't think it impacts performance.

It has 17mm of camber when laid flat on the floor with no bindings. Volkl cores have a pre-milled camber, which is why they hold their camber well, and provide a huge amount of snap at each turn.

The board has an all-purpose linear-crosshatch base grind that is highly uniform. I have just tuned the base and edges. I waxed it with high temperature yellow wax, scraped the base, and brushed it. If you carve in a very cold area, you probably want to re-wax it with a low temperature wax before you ride it. It has edge angles of 2º, and base angles of 1º. The edges use a metal with a higher rockwell hardness, which means they stay sharper longer, and don't rust as easily. I have not detuned the edges. I also cleaned out the inserts with a bottoming tap.

Original sale thread

Second sale thread



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