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Any experienced kite snowboarders?


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I'm bored so I will dig up this thread:)  I'm not a hard core carver or kiter but I can lay out some fine S turns on the hill and I would say that it is possible on the kite as well.  I usually kite on the lakes up here in the winter and once you get used to it you can easily lay a C turn by having the kite nice and low when you make the turn.  This way the force is being applied more on the horizontal plane than the vertical plane, which would lift you instead of pull to the side.  Many people do not ride frontside when kiting because the kite is almost behind where your toes are pointing if you ride with shallow angles.  However, it is actually fun to ride like this and will give you a great chance to carve a backside turn.  For example, if I were riding my frontside edge the wind would probably be to my right if I am looking over the nose of the board.  Once I decide to reverse my direction, tack or gybe, I would give the kite a hard 180 turn so it is flying in the opposite direction and then I would begin my backside transition and carve hard to make the 180 turn and follow the kite.


Now, the S turn would be much harder because you would need a really fast turning kite, and probably a good amount of wind, in order to carve both directions in quick succession.


Hopefully this makes some sense.

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