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Oxess RG170 $450

grom rider

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Oxess RG170. Great condition. Plenty of camber left. Almost all of the edge left (approximately 2mm). Super damp in turns, but quick in and out of turns. Small scratch in the base, but has been repaired. Only ground once. Asking $450+shipping.


Carbon construction

Size - 170 cm

Sidecut - 14 m

Waist - 18.6 cm

Stance - 44 cm

Effective Edge - 156 cm23iC-J0dQFX0MlZ49WZexlL5Dq2tmncLhibd_VcLADx4WB70qLYfeT4ppXPiTpMXGyh8D8HI3ey6G5NrEPAOj34yHrjlh2SVTyLSFvXis5O0-5-BtJOqUrQhmwIpyglRhJHoclnzBYNUuMhrPr71F4ShImK05xoPxALwrtfYS44pfJTEemVo6Cv85VeiWkAGUbBo3W08CS50fFXolojRH6dUQHUqZwWk6xsGI5s27a84O3euBeXD_zFintngJ6RbCqF1QVzfoW8-kBH7VaNvkR84pDw-d0A6lBJSeYZ-fWKhYnrU4ndCcm9IpGqPn8aufIFB8dcjX8m4S3HV6Ez_ymWOg2T_MIS9ghk9oMFVTTRJ7ylec9zaQpC7wAAARiP-wprctZ4Qn6EwgSHGo8kX-OGiYiYLWkwFik-0CmffYq8RCnVhTT3w2pT-S4N_Ae0qfiY1ZP16QJqVdOjePXsgcyJIr-y1T-L1akR782nyY0gIyIylSdw3NSug

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Board is still available.It was made for 130 lbs female rider during the 07-08 season. She was sponsored by Kessler and used the Oxess fro free riding but did not use it after the 09 season. I had bought it for my son who is 5'7 and 110 lbs. However, the stance was narrow for him.

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