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Wtb boots asap!!


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My wife and I went to ECES at Stratton, and now we are hooked on hardboots. I am looking for 2 pairs of boots. 1 pair mondopoint size 24.0 for her and 28.0 for me. Any leads or links would be great. I've seen some stuff here and I also think that I might be able to go down to a 27.5 for myself, but I'm hesitant to buy a pair without trying them on. Does anyone know of any stores in the NY, NJ, CT area that carry hardboots? It would be nice to try some stuff on.

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I have a pair of Mondo 24 Deeluxe Trak 700T boots for $275 shipped.

Regular heels with Thermo Flex liners, molded once. Diablo foot beds included.


I am definitely interested. Do you think this would be a good boot for new hardbooter? I dont know alot about the different gear yet. My wife and I are both new to hardboots. These would be for her. She is super aggressive, and rips in soft boots, but can never seem to find a soft boot that is stiff enough. I would hate to stick her in something that would be too unforgiving tho.

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From what I know these are actually on the stiffer side. I'm selling them for a friend so I can't give you first hand knowledge.

Do you what year or how old they are? Do you have any pics? Please PM me or email me thru the site.

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