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WTB: Skwal for <150lb rider


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Okay, I'm new here. The reason I made this account was primarily to find a skwal (and to socialize with an awesome community ;) ). So please, Bomber-gods, don't let me down. I've only found one skwal for sale on these forums (the 171 Donek) and I think it's a little too big for my 130lb self. I desperately want to ride one without having to pay up the wazoo for it. It looks like SkwalUSA is defunct, so you guys are now my only hope! Are any of you skwal riders willing to part with one of your boards to introduce someone to the sport? We need to keep skwaling alive! :)

Again, I'm 130lbs, and 5'7". My primary carving board is a 170cm Donek, but Sean toned it down a little for my weight.

Thank you guys!

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Welcome to Bomber!! With an intro like that, I don't know how the Gods could help but do anything BUT grant your wishes.


What bindings do you plan to use?

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It will depend to some degree on the waist width of your skwal. MonoDude recently found a sizeable stash of Skwals in CO. I think he may have sold through them. Here is the post

Bomber provides a skwal cant disc for our TD3s here

Catek OS2s are popular among skwal riders. I have a pair for sale in the sale thread. Step in or Standard version of the "S" or Short are available. You might want to visit the ongoing nearly daily reports from PC in Utah, where Art is now an avid skwal rider also.

Lots of good fun and info in this thread.

I think it is only a matter of time until the gear , right for you , will present itself :)



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Thanks for all the information! I have a lot to look through. I sent MonoDude a message. Hopefully he has at least 1 left. Regardless, this isn't the last Bomber has heard of me ;) My season is almost over here in California, anyway, so I have all of this summer to search the world for one!

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