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Four Lakes / Villa Olivia / Raging Buffalo : best place for first day out


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I'm trying to decide where to take my 7 year old for her first day snowboarding. I don't expect to spend more than a couple of hours out on the snow, and ideally I'd like to go to a place that will not hassle me about a lift ticket if I am just on the bottom of the hill walking up far enough to do some side-slipping and maybe figuring out how to turn. Any thoughts ?

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Unfortunately, all 3 of the places will require you to have a lift ticket to be out on the hill...

I work as an Instructor up at Villa Olivia and we have several specials coming up that include rentals/tickets/lessons... We would be more than happy to get your child sliding around... I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you had regarding what we can offer you...

One other thing I will say about the places you listed: Buffalo is the only place with a Magic Carpet... Four Lakes and Villa will be rope tows... If that may be an issue, I would consider Buffalo... But you will pay a good chunk more there...

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Hi Skipsilvia!

I would also recommend Raging Buffalo, but use Groupon to get your starter package, it's a really good deal. You need to buy at lease one day in advance to using it though. They also have a "Burton Riglet" park for the little's that is so cute and fun! They will also allow you on the bunny hill to help out (you might need a helmet) but I would really recommend a lesson, which I think is possibly included in the Groupon purchase. Good luck and take care.

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