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Board and bindings for a big guy


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Hi all,

I've been snowboarding for almost 10 years now (freeride/softboot setup). Always loved carving but never crossed line to a hardboot setup...I've always used stiff/longer boards, carbon fiber bindings and stiff boots in search for a better carving experience...but now I really want to jump the fence and finally switch to hardbooting!

I've already found a pair of almost new head stratos pro (28.5). Now need a nice used board+bindings setup...consider that I'm 6'1" and about 200lbs.

Looking for smtg around $300, carving-race oriented board that could take occasional runs in powder/soft snow.

Will consider all offers...thanks in advance! ;)

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I have a Volkl Renntiger GS 178 in nice shape that might suit you. I think I also have a set of Catek OS1 long plates, but I'll have to check for sure - I may have sold those. I have other binding choices as well. Email me through the forum (just click on my user name and choose to send a message) and I can get you some pictures.

Also, you should enable your email through the forum so people can contact you. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with just me. ;)

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Just a quick note to publicly thank Wolf... he sent tons of pics, the board was packaged very well...I also realized he made the defects look even worse in the pics compared to the reality...

I can't be happier, thanks to Wolf and all the other honest people in this board :biggthump

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