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FS: Palau 141 Liners, MP 28.0

Ian M

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^ Hilux, you're welcome to take a look at these this week and see for yourself! I like quite a bit of ankle flex, and they pivot less at the ankle than the (soft) ski boot liners I've been using. I would guess that these are at the stiffer end of most of the wrap liners, but if anyone else can compare them to other liners please speak up.

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i have this years palau OVPH liners. similar to those pictured excepting it's all black.

it's considerably stiffer than the standard deeluxe thermo liner, though with the BTS installed i have no problems pivoting the boots. took some getting used to, but now i like the feel. only criticism is the overlap area doesn't seem to puff out as much during heating, i ended up fitting them only with the toe and ankle clips, and leaving the cuff open.

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Hi maineboarder88,

Tough question, as shoes sizes vary from brand to brand. Also, when I molded them I had an orthotic footbed inside, which took up all kinds of space.

The most useful thing I think I can say to you is that the liner should fit a 28.0-28.5 foot well if using a thinner footbed. I'd call it a medium-volume liner, or just a bit thicker.



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