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WTB beginner women's board


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I have at least a couple of boards in the 150-155 range that I could offer up. One is a Nitro 154 that's pretty narrow, 18cm I think. Also a wider Rossignol and a Heavy Tools (150 or 152) that has never been ridden (don't let the Heavy Tools name turn you off - it's a decent, older wood core board, just not that common). I can check on exact lengths/widths this evening.

Do you have any preference for board width?

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I'm probably not the best one to advise on board width, but I tend to think narrower is better for quick turns but wider lets you have lower binding angles so it's a little easier to carve. A little wider might be an easier transition from your all mountain board.

Price-wise, I'd probably want to get $50 to $100 plus shipping for the shorter boards I have, depending on which board.

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I got this board for me to play around with last year or so - Generics 160 Slalom.

It's light and really bendy for me at 145lbs. Waist is 20cm and the sidecut radius is 8.9. It's turn-y, but less so than your average free-ride board. If you want pics I can upload later today. Would ask $85 shipped since you're only in MD :D

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I found a second Rossignol I had forgotten about. That's what happens when you hide things from your wife.:) Here are the details with measurements made by my $0.59 tape measure.

Left Rossignol: Length 152, width 22.7, sidewall construction, barely used (maybe one run?) - $100 shipped (no bindings)

Right Rossignol: Length 152 (it says "153"), width 21.0, cap construction, never used but some light storage scratches in base - $100 shipped


Nitro 154: Length 153, width 18.5, sidewall construction, lightly used, a couple of dings in the edges - $125 shipped (no bindings)

Heavy Tools 150: Length 152, width 20.3, sidewall construction, never used but some minor nicks and dings from storage - $100 shipped


I actually use the Nitro and find it a snappy, quick turning little board. That's why the price is a little higher. I am assuming max $25 for shipping. If shipping is higher, price is correspondingly higher.

Note: Bomber rules are no posting new items for sale. I got permission from Fin to post the Rossi a year or two ago but never got around to posting it. I'm hoping the Heavy Tools isn't violating the rules since it's technically new too but has some little dings from storage.

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It's really hard to judge which would turn easiest. The wider Rossi feels the least stiff by a little bit, then the narrower Rossi, then the Heavy Tools as the stiffest. They all look like they have about the same sidecut radius. Generally, less stiff should mean easier turning for a beginner. (If anyone out there has other opinions, feel free to comment).

One thing to check - you said you already have bindings. Do they fit a four-hole 4x4 mounting pattern? These boards are all standard 4x4 as opposed to Burton's oddball 3-hole pattern.

PayPal is good. Please click on my user name toward the left of this post and then choose the menu item to email me so we can get the details arranged.


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