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Simple question from the newbie. What is the faster way to go in a turn?

Wider or narrow turn.

Wide turn is more stable at a high speed, you will get more edge contron with wider turn then shorter, but it's longer path. and someone could get into while you're going wide.

Narrow is harder to handle, and less control, but the path is shorter, so you'd run it faster(if the speed is the same, shorter is faster)

So, how should i go?

Excuse me for bad englidh, it's not my native.

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it comes down to being able to hold the line and whether or not you end up scrubbing speed by doing so....all things being equal the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line but snow isn't equal and holding a line without scrubbing speed is a relative thing. Often a wider line is the limit of the traction a turn has and any attempt to tighten the line will be met with sliding or loss of speed.

There was a DH skateboard race in Australia last year where available traction was an issue in the last turn....conventional (modern) tactics are for racers to throw a check slide to scrub speed before the turn and then throw a drifting turn through the apex. However it was noticed by a number of the older racers that it was faster and safer to footbrake before the turn and rail through the outside of the turn. the young guns were mocking the more experienced racers for their chicken hearted approach but not a single drift style turner made it through the turn during race heats. Choice of line has everything to do with the conditions and your ability to hold a line/edge at a given speed, only experimentation and an open mine can provide an answer

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