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If there is any snow left, anyone interested in Nashoba on monday after work?

Todd, I was just going to post the same, but you beat me to it. I was there on Thursday and there was plenty of snow. Conditions were pretty good. Nice and firm, but it was a cold night.

I'm on for Monday evening.

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think I am bailing tonight. . . not a fan of the ran and slush outside rightnow.

Hey... this is New England.

The rain has stopped (sun it out right now) and it's currently 29 degrees F and falling. It is a bit windy though. I doubt it will be slushy in a few hours.

I need my fix so unless the weather turns dramatically around in the next four hours (which is always a possibility, admittedly), I'm still going out for some turns.

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Hey Mike, What time did you take off from Crotched the other day? Looked around but couldn't find you.

Sorry, Mark. I waited around until about 5:30, but I had to take off. I rode until 4 PM, and would have kept going if my legs would have allowed it. I ran into one of the other instructors (tall, thin dude) and he indicated you guys were still out at 4:30. Sorry, I missed you.

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