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What stance on all boards other than alpine are so wide?


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What is it with the inserts on new boards? All boards from freestyle to freeride seem to start at 22" for the narrowest stance. I have a 30" inseam and can't go much over 20" without discomfort. My max is about 21". I ride all boards with forward angles though. Do you have to ride these new boards duck or something? I don't do any tricks that involve me spinning or landing switch. I don't want to go back to duck. Looks like only custom boards in the future. Thank goodness there are companies around like Donek. Can't wait to see the new fish that Sean is coming out with :1luvu:

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I ran into this problem when I purchased a board from Endeavor quite some years ago. It was their big mountain freeride model (though I don't know how you can call a 154cm board "big" anything ;)). Narrowest stance width was 21 inches--on a 154...:confused: I did come with a free pair of baggy pants and a cool, studded black leather belt though :biggthump

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Watch out... pants are going skinnier every year. What goes around...

Stances... yes, you have to ride them duck. Salomon is pretty bad, but Burton seems fine to me as do most of the others. I pick my boards partly based on minimum stance width. It helps if you've slots in your binding disks too.

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