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Really? I am going to have to soft boot this week?


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I have updated boards but have still been using mid-90's boots and bindings....let's say I'm a casual carver. If it works, I use it until it breaks. So don't know about the newest brands and technologies. I am a big guy so any bindings that will work, metal preferred to plastic of course. If it screws onto my board, I will use it. I have stuck with Burton because I have 3 and 4 hole discs, which work on whatever board I happen to be using.

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Someone just responded that may have an extra set of Burton, which is all I have ridden on, but would try anything to get back on the mountain. I will let you know if these come through or not.

If it falls through, I may have a pair of Burton raceplates to sell that I was keeping for spares, but sounds like your need is greater!


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Mike, if you don't get something in time, someone will have something you can use, I'm sure.... I have all OLD burton step ins and one pair of proflex.... I'm sure someone has something you could use so you don't have to ride softies.... will you be joining us for N.I.C.E.? Looks like it will be a good week...... looking forward to it (even though I couldn't get Saturday off work :confused: )

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I have two sets of Burton plates. One Set that you step in and then flip a lever to lock them. Standard boots and heals work with them. The other pair is adjustable to about any size boot, by spinning the bar in the middle to expand or contract the heel and toe bails. Both are in good shape and I would want $50 each plus shipping or both for $100 and I will pay the shipping.




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