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FLC 183 "turbo"


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This is Tenorman's board, that's been sitting in my garage since the end of last season... We call it "turbo" or "supercharger" as it has crazy high camber, more then stock.

I rode the board last year and didn't have the bindings dialed in properly - too far forward, wrong cants/angles, etc. Now, I went back to basics, dead center on the inserts, 19.75" stance, plane toe/heel lift, 58/53 - bang on!

I rode it in a mix of conditions today. One side of the mountain had hero conditions - tons of man made firm packed pow, later chopping/bumping up a bit, yet a bit sticky. Other side had propper chalky fast hardpack.

The decambered nose did all it was supposed to do, smoothing the ride and making the initiation easy, while the huge camber had such a positive feel on the edge set. Surprisingly, not huge rebound that I was expecting from it... Anyways, when I got bored with my regullar carving style, I decided to see how fast the baby could go. I bombed the entire upper part of the Midway, railing in only after that first roller, while picking some respectable speed. The board picked up just like no man's business, smooth and positive, without any hickups or vibration.

Variable turn shape, sure, exactelly as much as the 14-16 sc would suggest, and then maybe a bit smaller when pushed hard. Just don't expect to do slalom turns on this - it's a big board, it likes to turn big and likes to go fast.

I dare to say, a perfect big mountain freecarver!

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