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I need someone to critique my riding...If the snow is groomed and not ice (so hardpack is fine) I feel like I can dominate the blues (hands easily on snow, hip/knee dragging - been complimented a few times). Moving to blacks, or carving on boilerplate, I just wash out and chatter constantly. I'm still trying to perfect my cross unders and cross throughs.

I'm trying to do the same thing on the blacks as I do on the blues, but that is not working. I can make, if I'm lucky, two linked carves on raceway at blue (the single black near the summit lodge), but more than that I get timid with the speed, scared of death-chatter and I just lose it.

If anyone could meet me at blue or bear sometime and help, it would be much appreciated. Phil - I don't know if you do lessons at Bear anymore, but I could come out there and pay for a lesson if I knew I was getting you.

Bar meeting with me, anyone have any tips? Chubz...I think I saw you on challenge way earlier this year and it's just awesome to watch you - I don't know how you have to stomach to just dive down that slope:biggthump

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NickG.... Did we meet at MacTracks this year?

I'm at Blue most weekends, both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Steeps are something I love and have spent a bit of time riding. If you can ever make it out on a weekend just post up. Chubz is another great source for tips.

Tip # 1. Everything happens much faster when the pitch gets steep, which means that when ride them your movements must happen even faster.

Have fun and don't be afraid to fall....


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Jesse, yes we did meet :) Hummm aren't sat/sun mornings really crowded? I imagine if you are on razor's edge/challenge it wouldn't be bad, but I obviously can't start on that.

I'm not afraid of falling at all - I fall constantly (hehe). I AM however, afraid of chatter. My shin right now is lightly bruised from some bad chop I took last friday.

Maybe this saturday morning, we'll see. I'm going wednesday morning to work on this

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