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Denver to Aspen Sat - contingency planning

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I'm scheduled to fly from Denver to Aspen Sat afternoon, arriving in Denver at 2.45pm, leaving Denver at 3:46pm. They claim 70% chance of snow in Aspen at that time.

Anyone else in the same 'boat'?

I have a couple of phone numbers for shuttle services. That's my plan so far to call them if the flight gets cancelled. I'm interested in car-pooling if that happens.

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Thanks Angie.....wish they'd just cancel the flight 24 hours in advance.

The shuttle's require full payment in advance and its non refundable. So, it's a roll of the dice.

Suck it up and pay $100 extra for a service you might not use to have the back up plan in place, or take your chances and find they are sold out.

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Yeah, my flight ended up getting cancelled while we were on the tarmac waiting for take off. Aspen needs 3 miles of visibility for planes to land.

I got a booking with CME using my cellphone from the plane. CME operates 10 person vans, so not many spare places on the van. When my flight was cancelled all of the other flights at the same time were cancelled also.

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