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Custom board width


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So im trying to choose the best board width for for BX.

now with out having a selection of boards and a full time course to test them on, well i just have to take my best guess. and unfortunatley my best guess means custom.

now I have been using two boards for BX, one a 240 waist and one a 225(in my soft hard boots as you may have seen in my prior post) (this set up worked quite well in steamboat on the noram course)

So I think 225 is tiny bit narrow, with my 29.5 boots (at 42deg front/24deg rear)

AND 240 I think is a bit wide. the difference, is that the 225 board feels more planted, but at the same time slight bit harder to keep the board flat (and I obviously have a little more boot over hang, but then at the same time I dont ever get the board up high enough on edge 98% of the time)

and the 240 board is easier to ride flat, but just doesnt have that "GS' board feel.

so im debating a 230-235 waist, and again with out being able to try them back to back, its a tough choice. and I know that is sounds like "just 5mm" but once the board is built I'm stuck with it.

Im looking for input on stabilty/riding flat vs overhang. Its tough to think about sometimes because BX courses are now quite specific, and no longer just like all mtn freeriding.

(also BTW I usually offset my rear boot one notch toward the heelside)

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This is the best way I've come up with to determine appropriate board width.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="560" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZtsIM88T6A0" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>

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Very nice vid, Sean!


without applying Sean's scientific method, just from my own observations:

I have quite a bit of overhang on 22.5 wide board with my 26.5 shells. I newer noticed it as much of a problem. However, I could immagine, you'd have a lot of overhang with your 29.5 shells?

That 24 wide board sounds like a much better idea, especially for flatt running and landing those big jumps...

Before you went through the expence of a custom board, did you try a Steepwater Steep? I know, I know, a freeride board, but at 24.5 waist and 11.5 scr, nice and stiff in the middle, it's really fast and stable.

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